Protecting Your Assets in Divorce

Equitable division of property, protection of assets, and accountability for debts are among the most difficult issues for couples going through divorce. A skilled, experienced attorney is essential to ensure a resolution that is in the best interest of the client.

Since 2005, Mr. Mollox has worked with divorcing clients to determine the value of assets and the division of debt, for fair, practical asset protection and responsibility for debt through a divorce. An experienced mediator and arbitrator, Eastman Family Law Firm is able to determine:

  • Marital assets vs. separate assets, including inheritance, pre-marital assets, etc.
  • How and when debt was incurred, by whom, and for what purpose, so responsibility for debt is assigned appropriately or divided fairly
  • Equity loss and division of joint property
  • Division of pensions, retirement funds, investment portfolios, and other financial assets

The decision to divorce is often emotionally charged and wrought with uncertainty. The professionals at Eastman Family Law Firm will provide the personalized guidance, support and resolution that will best suit your situation.